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The term 68k or 680x0 refers to a family of 32 bit microprocessors made by Motorola, which was widely used in workstations and personal computers in the eighties till the mid-90's; it has been and continues to be used in various embedded applications, including routers and printers. All Macintosh computers used such a chip as their CPU, from the original in 1984 until the release of the PowerPC-based Power Macintosh series ten years later.

The following 68k-family processors were used in Macintoshes:

  • 68000
  • 68020
  • 68030
  • 68EC030 Some 68k-family processors are still in production, but has this one really been used in any Macintosh machine?
  • 68040
  • 68LC040
  • 68882
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