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Note icon color.pngWikipedia has more information about flash memory.
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There exist several threads about usage of Flash memory in the 68kMLA forums. This is a first attempt to collect information about this topic for convenient access.

CF cards are not intended for reliable long term use in the first place. You might better think of something like a ZIP drive to compare with. But CF cards are pretty cheap today, and the smallest number of _write_ cycles is about 10k (citation needed). The number of read cycles seems not to be a limiting factor in practical use.

  • If your system has no fan and you need it to be even quieter than a modern silent harddisk but with top performance, have a solid state disk or an industrial grade dual CF adaptor with two CF cards in striping RAID mode (level 0).
  • If you do not need top performance a recent CF card in an appropriate adaptor should do well in a vintage machine. (Do not use this drive for virtual memory.)

A micro drive for use as a replacement for a standard hdd would give you the benefits of a small footprint, low power consumption and fast writing access. It would combine the disadvantages of both CF cards (less reliable) and usual harddisk drives (moving parts), also.

External links

Several products to support vintage SCSI systems are available. Some are developed for this purpose and in production, currently. Some of the following links lead to product pages of products probably not in production any more. At least you will find full product specifications. Manufacturers might have some of the "end of life" listed items in stock, still. In case of demand contact the manufacturer and ask for a quotation.

If you have recent information about additional devices or availability, update this page, please.