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=Transcluding ordinary pages=
[[User:RichardG/List of Mac web servers]]
{{Userbox|text=Hello world}}
{{Userbox|text=Hello world with custom icon|icon=400 series IF.png}}
{{Userbox|text=Hello world with custom border color|bordercolor=red}}
{{Userbox|text=Hello world with dashed border|border=dashed}}
{{Userbox|text=Hello world with custom text and background colors|color=black|textcolor=white}}
{{Userbox|text=Hello world with custom border size|borderwidthinpx=3}}
{{Userbox|text=Hello world with all of them|icon=400 series IF.png|bordercolor=red|border=dashed|color=black|textcolor=white|borderwidthinpx=3}}
=Userbox inside headline=
=={{Userbox|text=Userbox template inside headline}}==
=={{userboxtop|toptext=Userbox container}}{{Userbox|text=inside headline}}{{userboxbottom}}==

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