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'Mars478, the creator of the GrayBook, the SimasiMac Smilie and Reviver of dead iPhones! I enlisted in the 68Kmla for the sole purpose of Fixing my Macintosh Classic 2, once I joined I realized that I have found an awesome community of friends. I feel very privileged to be a part of this wonderful community. Oh and my Mac Classic 2 is still dead :)

My Macintosh Computers:

MacBook (GrayBook) 2 GHz Core Duo, Heavily Modded using parts from 3 MacBooks. Here's the forum thread about the mods I did to my new Main Laptop.[1]; The Specs of the Machine are: 2GB RAM, 320GB 7200RPM Drive, 10.6.2

iMac G5, Got from free from the Computer lab I work at, The Specs of this guy are: 1.6GHz, 1GB RAM, 500GB, 10.5.8. This poor G5 is on it's last legs, it has the leaky capacitor problem and the Power Supply whines like a cat. I am going to either repair this machine or get me an Intel iMac White in the near future from a friend.

eMac: I got this from the computer lab as well, It sure was an interesting haul from my school. This machine is a Behemoth and has a slight problem with a Dimming CRT, Specs are: 700MHz, 1GB RAM, 40GB, 10.4.11

iBook G4 1GHZ: Got this one from a family friend who had a surplus of Macs that were unused, this person supposedly has a TiBook somewhere for me. Specs on this one are STOCK Unmodified and makes me think it was either Custom or Top line: 60GB, 1.5GB, APX, BT, Either A combo drive or Super Drive, I have to take a look to remember. This one has a two shade keyboard using keys from some spare iBook G3 Keyboards I got, and a Pink Apple because it is my Mom's current laptop. She loves it very much and promises it will return to me once I upgrade her or she gets a new laptop.

iMac G3 350MHz: Got this from the lab and for a time it was my main desktop computer. It was replaced by my iMac G5, and it has about 640MB RAM and is currently running Mac OS 9 and has a 30GB Hard Drive

iMac G3 233MHz: Got this from the lab as will all my computers. It's running OS 8.5 and has 64MB Of RAM and has everything stock un modded. This is a REV A model and is in great condition.

iBook BlueBerry:From Lab, 300MHZ, 192MB, Running OSX 10.3.9, 3GB HD. My Second Apple Laptop. First was the now deceased iBook G4 1.33GHZ I used to own. This iBook is in B+ Condition.

iBook Graphite 466Mhz: Lab: 192MB, Running 10.4.11, 20GB HD, Very nice condition It has an airport card in it. This has a small Mod I did which is putting a Slot loading Combo Drive instead of a tray loading drive. I had to sacrifice the Bezel unfortunately and it has no bezel now.

iBook Graphite 466MHz "Server at the ready: Some amount of RAM I have forgotten about, Running 10.4.11 SERVER, which I got from the lab, And has a noisy 10GB HD. Ready to be a server when one is needed. Very good condition.

Will be updated with all machines, pictures etc...


MSI Wind: My Third laptop I owned, I got this in Christmas of 2008, and I got it for the main purpose of Hackintoshing it. I have become very involved in this Machine though it is not my Main laptop anymore. I am the Admin at a forum called InsanelyWind. This laptop has been running OSX since December 2008 and still is. It currently has a crappy 80GB drive though I am thinking of getting a 16 or 32GB SSD for it. It used to have a 320GB Scorpio Black but that now resides in my GrayBook. I have a white Keyboard on this machine even though the whole machine is black. A small mod I did :)

HP DV6700: Got from a friend who got a UMPB 13" and specs are: Centrino Duo 2.2GHZ, 2GB Ram, 250GB HD, 8600M GS Graphics (Pretty awesome), Vista/Tiny7. 15" Screen. The friend stated it was half broken but a simple Vista reinstall fixed that problem. All the crap and nagware was slowing the computer to a grind.

IBM ThinkCentre UbuntuServerHack: Some P3 IBM Desktop that I use as an FTP Server for InsanelyWind, currently offline.

Dell C530 Laptop: From a friend, an Old PC that runs Fedora. Not used at all.

HP ZD8000 "Hulking 15-min battery monster": Got from some family friends, this guy has a 3GHZ P4 and was running OSX. It has 1.25GB RAM and it is now running Fedora 12. I Hackintoshed it for the friends and the hard drive was acting up and getting 1 and 2 scores in Xbench, Fedora complains it has many bad sectors. I am looking for a new one.

HP-Compaq EVO Server W8000:2.2GHZ Xeon, 1 or 2GB of RAM, was used in conjunction with an Avid system, It had Windows 2000 on it and has a 40GB Drive and a DVD-RW Drive in it. It has like 10 Drive bays in it. It's an amazing potential server machine. But shoot it's loud.

Dead ThinkPad Something or other:A Dead thinkpad.


iPhone 3G White: Bought from a friend for 40$ pretty battered up, I replaced the digitizer and glass for a nicer one but the back remains beat up. It wears a nice case to cover up the embarrassing back. I have arranged to buy from this same friend a Black 3GS 32GB when the 4th Generation iPhone comes out for the same great price of 40$, Last Gen tech FTW!

iPhone 1G 8G (Dad's): My friend in some magical way ended up with an extra iPhone, he is from china and I helped him out when he arrived in USA, and he gave me this iPhone as a gift for my help. It was hard to accept such a gift but I made do :), I received this phone in March 2008 and it's a refurb and I never had problems with it. It was mine until June 2009 when I got my iPhone 3G

iPhone 3G 8GB Black: Got from a friend, it got dropped in a puddle and was presumably dead. A MotherBoard wash with diet coke, dry rice, and alcohol revived it. With a new screen and camera it was as good as new, it's my mom's.

iPod Touch 8GB