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Model:PowerBook G3 "Pismo"
CPU: 500MHz G3
OS:Mac OS X 10.3.9, Mac OS 9.2.2
Acquired:June 2006

I got this Pismo in trade for a tiBook that had a broken screen, with the intent of having a mobile computer while at the university. It lasted very well until I got the iMac C2D, and continued to serve as my mobile computer until September 2007, when I got my ThinkPad R61i. At that point it served as a secondary mobile computer, and a machine to be used as a loaner computer. On a loan to one of my friends, it was dropped, and "died." It was recovered when in January of 2008 I went to harvest its memory and hard disc for the ThinkPad A21m, and discovered that the problem was actually a loose CPU card that I hadn't checked. The machine booted perfectly after reseating the CPU daughtercard, and will go back into my pool of loaner laptops.