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==Idle Systems==
==Idle Systems==

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About me...
Apple logo blueberry.png Thinking Different since 1997
Mac OS X logo 10.5.png Proud Mac OS X user!
Happy Mac color.png Proud System 7 user!
Sad Mac Has non-booting Macs in his collection.

I do suppose that I love making profiles for myself. Let me start by saying I've been with the 68kMLA a very long time, and although 68k Mac computers no longer make up the primary machines in my fleet, I still love them dearly.

I have a variety of Mac systems in my collection including 68k, PowerPC as well as an Intel-based iMac. I also like other types of computers, and I've got a Silicon Graphics machine that I enjoy using, along with some x86-based PCs on which I play with Linux and Windows-NT based systems.

I plan to bring an obsession with organizing information, and a hopefully extensive knowledge of a variety of little Apple tidbits to this wiki, and I'm making it a commitment that in 2008, I will bring more to the wiki than I did in 2007.

List of Machines

Current Systems

Stored Systems

  • Toshiba Satellite T2105
  • Quadra 840av
  • PowerMac 7300/200
  • UMAX C600/240
  • Quadra 610
  • Performa 475
  • Mac LC
  • Mac Plus (not-working)
  • Mac Portable (Not working, although I'd love to either restore this one to its functioning glory, or get one that does work.)
  • Dell OptiPlex GX100 (PIII/933)
  • Dell OptiPlex GX1p (PIII/500)
  • Dell Dimension 2350 (PIV/2.0, needs a new hdd I believe.)
  • SGI Octane
  • PowerMac G3/450 (boots, I just need to put my OS 9 hard drive back in.)

Idle Systems



  • PowerBook G3/500 - Now boots!
  • IBM ThinkPad 760cd
  • IBM ThinkPad A21m (potential repurposing coming, to become a PHP/MySQL development system.)
  • iMac Core2Duo, 17" (Main desktop, is used for everything when I'm at my desk, plus managing my photos.)
  • Lenovo ThinkPad R61i (Main mobile computer, I take it everywhere)
  • Data Evolution Corp. decTOP (My adorable little serverbox, potentially to become a Windows CE machine, or my main Linux desktop for experimentation.)
  • The first 840av. RIP.
  • The old 575
  • iMac/233 (Grandpa has this)
  • SEfdhd (I'd love to get another)
  • Dell OptiPlex GX1 (gave it to a neighbor)
  • PowerBook G4/1000 (traded to Temetka)
  • Compaq Prolinea 4/66 (alas, it was my favorite NT4 box, until I discovered how awesome NT4 is on a Pentium)
  • Many other older PCs that I've had.