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Here at the 68kMLA, we encourage everyone to do some searching of available resources, as well as the internet in general, before posting a question or request for help in the forum. By searching for as much information as you can reasonably find yourself before asking, you save the forum's members (tbc)

Often a well-structured search of the forum itself will show that your situation, or one much like it, has been dealt with before. In addition, searching or browsing this wiki may turn up the information you seek.

Another forum worth checking out is Applefritter. Like the MLA, they have been around for years, and a wealth of knowledge is contained in their database.

Unfortunately, the search function at Applefritter is a bit ... not good. A handy workaround is to use Google, with the argument "" (without quotes) after your search terms. This site specific search is available for any website that Google has already indexed.

Another useful Google argument is "inurl:your_search_term". This will turn up any page with the exact string "your_search_term" anywhere in its URL (web address), rather than in the body of the page. For example, if you know the exact filename of a PDF (say, "Obscure_Manual.pdf"), but don't know where it is located, this search will turn up any sites that host it.

In the event that your search turns up a dead or lapsed link, you can go to the Internet Archive Wayback Machine, and copy and paste the URL of the missing page into their search bar. This will show (where available) a list of backup copies of the page, and the dates that those copies were stored.

Should you find yourself looking at a wall of text in a language you cannot read, with intriguing hints (photos, model names/numbers, etc), go to Google's Translate service, copy and paste in the page URL, or a block of text, and a rough, machine generated translation of the page will appear. This works best when translating between two languages in the same family (ie, Dutch to English); the translations from Asian to European languages are approximate at best, and a source of much mirth, befuddlement, and philosophical musing.

Links to specific useful sites will be added below. TBC.

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