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  • Move fpu to fpu-type to mirror cpu-type.
  • Drop pds-type in favor of lcpds, so all slot types can be consistently named, rather than worrying about some slots having sub-types...it will make categorization easier.
    • Maybe all the slot parameters should have slots- on the name? E.g. slots-pds. We're kind of doing that with other "groupings" of things.
  • Born/died...hee hee, just had to mention I like that. ☺
  • What about os-osname to denote the various OSs it can run? E.g. os-mac, os-aux, os-linux, etc. We could categorize on that...
  • (And continuing to Template:computer specs full just to keep things together) Move adb, serial, scsi etc to ports-adb, ports-serial, etc.
  • Move cd-* to optical-* in case we expand to DVD-era machines at some point.
  • How about display-size, display-res, display-depth?
  • Flip the chimes to chime-*.

These are all just suggestions, so if they are misguided or too anal, just let me know. ☺ I really like the overall design, both graphically (nice colors and layout) and technically (fields that appear only when supplied). ⇔ ChristTrekker 15:47, 23 August 2007 (UTC)

All are pretty valid I guess and certainly will make the style a bit more consistent. However, they will require modifying every page that uses the template... so will be quite a lot of work to change. I did the PDS that way since there are so many different types of PDS slots, and I haven't ever found a conclusive list of them. It would be nicer to do it that way though. The following come to mind:
  • SE-PDS - SE only.
  • LC-PDS - LC & LC II only.
  • LCIII-PDS - Extension to LC-PDS slot, was used in LCIII and later LC machines. Can accept LC-PDS cards as well as LCIII-PDS specific ones.
  • 030-PDS - SE/30 & IIsi.
  • IIfx-PDS - IIfx only.
  • IIci-PDS - IIci, IIvx & IIvi only.
  • 040-PDS - Used in some of the '040 Quadras.
  • Any more?
That's going to add a lot of parameters -- which is why I settled for having a single pds and then having pds-type to describe what it was. I don't know which way is better really. There is also the Performa Comm Slot with two varieties (Comm Slot 1 and 2) which I forgot about. And PCMCIA would be worth adding too. I don't know how detailed we want to go really. There are other slots as well (like the DAV & TV Tuner slots) but they are only specific to a few machines. Maybe having one other-slots or something to cover those.
We could split the display section up more, but how would that work if there were multiple resolutions which support different colour depths. For example, some machines will be "640x400 (16 bit), 640x480 (8 bit)" etc. Taking that into account, I think the current parameters work quite well. display is just for the size if there's an internal display, whereas the others are applicable if there's an internal display or not.
It's up to you if you want to go for the changes really. Better to do things now when there's less to modify! It wouldn't be too hard to deprecate parameters so they still work where the template has already been used, but makes it a bit messier. → ~tl (talk · contribs) 11:35, 24 August 2007 (UTC)

jump link

The #specs link can be #Full Specifications as long as you name that section consistently. MediaWiki automatically makes section heads into targets (that's how the page ToC works), so you don't have to remember to put your own target in. ⇔ ChristTrekker 15:53, 23 August 2007 (UTC)

I had considered that before. I didn't do it just in case people weren't consistent with the naming of the section. However, I don't think that's going to be a huge problem (and we can certainly correct it on any templates that use a different name) so I've gone ahead and changed it. It certainly looks cleaner. → ~tl (talk · contribs) 11:00, 24 August 2007 (UTC)