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My computer specs infobox
Warning icon color.png Template in flux
This template is "mostly done" but could still change significantly as there has not been much feedback on it yet.
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Use this infobox on user subpages that detail computers in your own collection.


This template is modeled after the computer specs infobox.

Items will only be included in the list if you enter a value for them.

A note on style... please use the binary units and include a space between the value and the unit. For example use "2 MiB" rather than "2MB". The only case where you should use the SI units is for drive sizes as they are calculated in decimal.

Available parameters

  • model: The model of your computer. To support machines that may not appear in this wiki, this is not autolinked. Supply the wikilink manually.
  • alias: Alternate names you may have for your box.
  • image - The filename of an image of the machine, e.g. "MacII.jpg".
  • cpu-speed, cpu-type, fpu-type: Supplied for upgraders, but can be ignored for stock models.
  • ram-installed: Self-explanatory.
  • os-installed: Self-explanatory as well.
  • hd-installed: Model/specs of your drive.
  • born-month, born-year: When you acquired it.
  • died-month, died-year: When it died, or you sold it, or whatever.
  • status: Current disposition (briefly), e.g. in active use, sitting idle, sold, dead, whatever.

Template for use in pages

Copy this to your user subpage and fill in the missing values you want.

{{my computer specs infobox|