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<table class="infobox bordered" style="width: 250px;">
<table class="infobox bordered" style="width: 250px;">
{{ #if: {{{image|}}} |
{{ #if: {{{image|}}} |
   <tr class="imagebox"><td colspan="2">[[Image:{{{image|}}}|{{{image-size|250px}}}]]</td></tr>
   <tr class="imagebox"><td colspan="2" style="text-align: center;">[[Image:{{{image|}}}|{{{image-size|250px}}}]]</td></tr>
   <tr><th colspan="2" class="caption">{{{name|{{PAGENAME}}}}} {{ #if: {{{alias|}}} | <br /><small>{{{alias|}}}</small> }}</th></tr>
   <tr><th colspan="2" class="caption">{{{name|{{PAGENAME}}}}} {{ #if: {{{alias|}}} | <br /><small>{{{alias|}}}</small> }}</th></tr>

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Computer specs infobox
Full Specifications


Items will only be included in the list if you enter a value for them.

A note on style... please use the binary units and include a space between the value and the unit. For example use "2 MiB" rather than "2MB". The only case where you should use the SI units is for drive sizes as they are calculated in decimal.

Available parameters

The available parameters (with descriptions) unique to this template are:

  • form-factor - Valid values are: "laptop", "tower", "desktop" and "all-in-one". This is used for categorising, so please be consistent! Also, case is important -- please use all lower case!
  • alias - Other names the machine may have gone by two on a line separated by commas and the lines separated by <br>s, e.g. for a LC 575 it could be "Performa 575, Performa 576,<br>Performa 577, Performa 578".
  • series - The family of machines, e.g. "Macintosh II", "Quadra", "Pre-Mac". This is used for categorising, so please be consistent!
  • image - The filename of an image of the machine, e.g. "MacII.jpg".

The following parameters are shared with Template:Computer specs full:

  • cpu-speed - The CPU Speed, e.g. "8MHz".
  • cpu-type - The CPU Type, e.g. "Motorola MC68000". This is used for categorising, so please be consistent!
  • fpu-type - Whether the machine has an FPU, e.g. "Motorola MC68882" or "Integrated".
  • ram-type - The type of RAM the machine takes, e.g. "72-pin SIMM". This is used for categorising, so please be consistent!
  • ram-max-apple - The amount of RAM specified as the max by Apple, e.g. "32 MiB".
  • ram-max-actual - The max if bigger SIMMs work in the machine than Apple specifies, e.g. "64 MiB".
  • slots-pds - The type of PDS slots. Known types are "LC", "LCIII", "SE", "030", "040", "601", "IIfx", and "IIci". This is used for categorising, so please be consistent!
  • slots-nubus - The number of Nubus slots, e.g. "3".
  • slots-other - Any other slots the machine has, e.g. "Comm Slot II, DAV".
  • os-mac - The versions of Mac OS supported by the machine, e.g. "Finder 5.0 - Mac OS 8.1". Note that the name of the OS should be supplied, as technically it did change during its life—but if you don't, people will probably still understand.
  • os-aux - The versions of A/UX supported by the machine, e.g. "2.0 - 3.1.1".
  • os-other - Any other operating systems the machine supports, e.g. "Debian Linux, NetBSD".
  • born-year - The year the machine was introduced, e.g. "1993".
  • born-month - The month the machine was introduced, e.g. "July".
  • died-year - The year the machine was discontinued, e.g. "1994".
  • died-month - The year the machine was discontinued, e.g. "July".
  • msrp - Apple's suggested retail price, in multiple countries if known, e.g. "$6500 (US)".
  • clone - If this machine is a clone, replica, or Apple-compatible, which machine or series is it based on?

Template for use in pages

Note: This template is not meant for direct inclusion. See Help:Templates for how to properly use this template.

To save a lot of typing simply copy this template and fill in the values. It's fine to leave lines blank... so it's worth leaving them in to make it easier for someone else to fill in the missing values. I would also suggest you copy and paste the first two sections between this template and Template:Computer specs full to save typing -- they have been designed with this in mind.

{{computer specs infobox|