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Caution icon color.pngThis template is depreciated. Please use Template:Computer specs infobox instead!
Computer model specs
RAM: ? , ? standard (0 onboard plus ? slots), ? max
Hard drive:
Form factor:
OS: (-)
Available: , -,


  • All fields are optional, but the infobox will look strange if some of them are not given.
  • This template places the article in a number of categories dependent on the values given. If those parameters are left blank, this will be an "unknown" category.
  • A defined, but blank, image parameter will default to using an image with the same name as the article.
  • Ram-type values should be something like 72-pin SIMM. Being overspecific will cause category fragmentation.
  • Valid slot parameters are: nubus, pds, pci. (You can use others if you add them to the template, but list them here so they can be used consistently by other editors.) Values for these should be the number of slots of that type.
  • Valid values for form-factor are: laptop, tower, desktop, all-in-one. Case is important!