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Spectre was a computer game for the Apple Macintosh, released in 1991 by Velocity Development and Peninsula Gameworks. It was a 3D tank battle reminiscent of the arcade game Battlezone, and was one of the first multiplayer network games. Later games in the series were released for the PC and Nintendo Super NES, with Spectre VR being named to a number of lists of best video games.


The goal of the game was to drive the tank around the playfield, collecting ten flags by driving over them, while avoiding obstacles (including rotating windmills and the shots of computer-generated enemy tanks.

The game supported multiplayer operation over an AppleTalk network. Each player used a single Mac, but the other players were depicted as enemy tanks.


A sequel, Spectre Supreme, was released in late 1993.

The original Spectre is often confused with the 1994 Spectre VR, an enhanced network-oriented version of the game. It and Spectre Supreme were also available for PC-compatible computers, but only Spectre was available for the Nintendo Super NES video game console.

The original Spectre was also released as Spectre Classic in the late 1990s.

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