Newton MessagePad 120

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Newton MessagePad 120
CPU: 20 MHz ARM 610
RAM Type:Flash RAM
Expansion slots: 1 PCMCIA Type II
Supported OS: Newton OS 1.3 - 2.0
Introduced:October 1994
Full Specifications

Released in October 1994 in Germany, and January 1995 in the U.S., the MessagePad 120 still kept the 20 MHz ARM 610 RISC CPU that had powered the Newton lineup since its inception in 1993. It also continued the 110's trend of a smaller screen (320×240) to preserve battery life, and increased available RAM from the previous models offering 1-2 MiB. The 120 also came with a 4 MiB ROM which was socketed and, therefore could be used to upgrade the 120 to a newer version of Newton OS as it became available.

The RAM was divided up like so:

1MB RAM version: 544 KiB of system RAM; 480 KiB of nonvolatile user RAM.

2 MiB RAM version: 687 KiB of system RAM; 1,361 KiB (1.33 MiB) of nonvolatile user RAM [1]

The 120 was sold with Newton OS 1.3 and later with 2.0, making it a highly desirable collectors' item as it can run fairly "new" Newton software. It has a typical serial connector which can be used either to transfer data to and from a Mac or PC, or to hook up a Newton Keyboard, and runs off a pack of 4 AA batteries.

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