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(u"<center></center>\n\n\nWelcome to the - Your resource for information about vintage Macintosh computers.\n\n== What is this? ==\n\nThe idea of this wiki is to act as an "information repository" — to gather as much information as possible about vintage Apple products. throw pillows As useful websites slowly disappear off the face of the Internet, we're hoping that this can become a "one stop shop" for useful information.\n\n== How can I help? ==\n\nSimple! Share your expertise by adding, expanding, and editing pages. The more information we can gather and the more accurate and organized you can make , the better.\n\nHead over to the to see what the current status of the project is and what needs to be done. Be aware of and know . If you need direction on where to dive in at, try linking our and , , , or !\n\nTake a look at , and !\n\n== <span class="plainlinks"> What's here? ==\n<div style="column-count:3; -moz-column-count:3; -webkit-column-count:3;">\n* '\n** \n** \n** \n* '\n* Peripherals\n** \n** \n** \n* Nubus & PDS Upgrades\n** \n** \n** \n** \n** \n* Software\n** \n** \n** \n* '\n** \n** \n** \n** \n** \n** \n* '\n** \n** \n* Historical Trivia\n** \n** \n</div>\n\n", 0)