Macintosh TV

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Macintosh TV
CPU: 32 MHz 68030
RAM Type:72-pin SIMM (80 ns)
Maximum RAM: 8 MiB (Apple), 36 MiB (Actual)
Introduced:October 25 1993
Discontinued:April 1994
MSRP:$2079 (US)
Full Specifications

Its a computer! Its a television! Its both! Just not at the same time.


The Macintosh TV's all black case, keyboard, and mouse are an instant clue that this is not your run-of-the-mill Mac. It was the first black Macintosh, the first Mac to include a remote control, and the last Mac desktop system to use the 68030. Only 10,000 were produced during its brief 6 month life span, making it one of the rarest macs ever made. Marketed toward college students with limited dorm space this Mac, as its name indicates includes a built-in TV tuner.

Despite the potential for a Mac with built-in TV capabilities the Mac TV is as flawed as it is unique. Television can only be viewed in a full screen mode making it impossible to use the computer functions while watching tv. Although, you can listen to the TV while computing and save single frames of television as a PICT file. It is also not possible to import the TV signal as a Quicktime movie. As if this computer wasn't different enough, the Mac TV is the only Mac to use a 32 mhz version of the 68030 processor.

Combine all of these features and quirks and that makes the Mac TV one of the strangest Mac's ever.

Full Specifications

  • General
    • CPU: 32 MHz 68030
    • ROM: 1 MiB
    • Bus Speed: 16 MHz
    • Data Path: 32 bit
    • RAM Type: 72-pin SIMM (80 ns)
    • Standard RAM: 4 MiB
    • RAM Onboard: 4 MiB
    • RAM Slots: 1
    • Maximum RAM(Apple): 8 MiB
    • Maximum RAM(Actual): 36 MiB
    • Cache: 0.5 kiB (level 1)
  • I/O & Expansion
    • Audio Out: 8 bit stereo (mini-jack)
    • Built-in Speaker: mono
  • Storage
    • Hard Drive: 160 MiB
    • Hard Drive Type: SCSI
    • Floppy Drive: 1.44 MiB
  • Video
    • Built-in Display: 14" CRT (built-in)
    • Max Resolution: 640 x 480
    • Standard VRAM: 512 KiB
  • Miscellaneous
    • Gestalt ID: 88
    • Power: 60W
    • PRAM Battery: 3.6V Lithium
    • Case Style: LC 520
    • Dimensions: 13.5" x 16.5" x 17.9" (W x D x H)
    • Weight: 40.5 lbs.
    • Mac OS Support: System 7.1 (with Enabler 404) - Mac OS 7.6.1
    • System Enabler: 404
    • Introduced: October 25 1993
    • Introduced: April 1994
    • MSRP: $2079 (US)