Macintosh Quadra 650

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The Centris 650 was the middle range product of the Centris product line. The Centris line itself was the middle of the Macintosh line, so the Centris 650 was in fact, the middle of the middle. Introduced in early 1993 and discontinued in October 1993. There was two versions of the Centris 650. One had a LC040 and no AAUI. It also had only 4MB of onboard RAM. The other had full '040, AAUI networking, and 8MB of onboard RAM. The full '040 variety is more common. A caddy loading CD-ROM was optional.


4 or 8 MB or RAM

230MB Hard Drive

Optional CD-ROM

25Mhz 68040 With or Without FPU

Optional AAUI Networking.

Quadra 650

Later in 1993 The Centris 650 was renamed the Quadra 650 and outfitted with a 33Mhz 68040.

Health Hazard

If you ever have a 650 case lying on the floor open, be careful where you set your feet. The case is sharp, and easy to shed blood in.