Macintosh Quadra 605

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Quadra 605
Performa 475-476, LC 475
CPU: 25 MHz Motorola MC68LC040
RAM Type:72-pin SIMM
Maximum RAM: 36 MiB (Apple), 132 MiB (Actual)
Expansion slots: Enhanced LC-PDS
Supported OS: System 7.1 — Mac OS 8.1
Introduced:October 18 1993
Discontinued:July 15 1996
MSRP:$900 (US)
Full Specifications

Launched under the Quadra banner (as well as the Performa and LC badges), the Quadra 605 followed the same ultra compact case design as seen in the original LC series...but with Quadra power under the hood.


The LC series had allowed Apple to create machines that, while every inch a desktop Mac, could actually be bought by those people who didn't have a fortune lying around or weren't prepared to re-mortgage their home. By cutting everything that wasn't absolutely necessary, the LC machines certainly lived up to their 'low cost' image. They were also all based on yesterday's technology – the 68030 in the case of the LC II, LC III and LC III+, and the even older 68020 in the case of the LC. In 1993, the hottest processor was the Motorola 68040 and the next desktop Mac in the line was not only going to get a performance boost, but a complete name change and makeover.

In many respects the Quadra 605 could have been called the LC IV, as it had the same form factor, shared many of the same features and/or limitations inherent in the LC line, was aimed at the same market, and carried a bargain price tag. Nevertheless, the launch of the Quadra/Centris series had given Apple the chance to get away from the old image and, seemingly for marketing purposes alone, name the machine 'Quadra 605', for the business user. Home users could purchase the 605 under the 'Performa 475' moniker, whilst those in educational institutions used 'LC 475' branded machines. Despite the different names and – in the case of the Quadra – slightly modified case, under the hood of the LC lay exactly the same configuration as that found in the Quadra and Performa.

Unlike the rest of the Quadra series, the 605 used the lower cost (and lower performance) 68LC040 which had, supposedly, been the hallmark of the Centris line. The differences in processor technology were minimal and the 68040 and 68LC040 were actually the same chip – bar the latter lacking a dedicated floating point unit (FPU).

Although similar to the previous LC machines, the 605 used a new case that was just as compact as the old model, but had the notable addition of four 'feet', which gave rise to the cult of 'Mac Feets'. Inside, expansion was just as limited, with a single 72-pin RAM slot (accepting a maximum of 32 MiB according to Apple, but actually capable of using 128 MiB), a single LC PDS slot and no internal space for additional drives of any kind. The easiest upgrade was simply to swap the 68LC040 for a full-blown 68040, which not only increased floating point performance threefold, but could also speed up some graphics apps. It is important to note that fitting the Quadra 605 with the 33MHz version of the 68040 does not increase performance to 33 MHz; the machine will still run at 25 MHz.

Available for under $1000, the Quadra 605 was an absolute bargain that, while not exactly cutting edge in terms of technology or performance, was still more than capable of holding its own.

Full Specifications

  • General
    • CPU: 25 MHz Motorola MC68LC040
    • ROM: 1 MiB
    • Bus Speed: 25 MHz
    • Data Path: 32-bit
    • RAM Type: 72-pin SIMM (80 ns)
    • Standard RAM: 4 MiB
    • RAM Onboard: 4 MiB
    • RAM Slots: 2
    • Maximum RAM(Apple): 36 MiB
    • Maximum RAM(Actual): 132 MiB
    • Cache: 8 KiB (L1)
  • I/O & Expansion
    • ADB: 2
    • Serial: 2
    • SCSI: 1 (DB-25)
    • Audio In: Mini-jack
    • Audio Out: 8-bit stereo 22 KHz (mini-jack)
    • PDS Slot Type: Enhanced LC
  • Storage
    • Hard Drive: 80 MiB - 250 MiB
    • Hard Drive Type: SCSI
    • Floppy Drive: One 1.44 MiB SuperDrive
  • Video
    • Max Resolution: 512×384, 640×480, 640×870, 832×624, 1024×768, 1152×870
    • Standard VRAM: 512 KiB
    • VRAM Slots: 2
    • Maximum VRAM: 1 MiB
    • Video Out: DB-15
  • Miscellaneous
    • Codename: Aladdin, Primus, ELB
    • Gestalt ID: 89 (LC 475 and Performa), 94 (Quadra 605)
    • PRAM Battery: 3.6V half-AA
    • Case Style: LC
    • Dimensions: 12.2" x 15.3" x 2.9" (W x D x H)
    • Weight: 8.8 lbs.
    • Mac OS Support: System 7.1 — Mac OS 8.1
    • Introduced: October 18 1993
    • Introduced: July 15 1996
    • MSRP: $900 (US)

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