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Manufacturer Model Interface Max resolution Max bit depth (bpp) Accelerated? Notes
Apple Apple Display Card 4•8 NuBus
Apple Apple Display Card 8•24 NuBus 1152×870 (8 bpp) 24 (1024×768) no [1]
Apple Apple Display Card 8•24GC NuBus yes
Apple Apple Display Card 24AC NuBus
Apple Macintosh II High Resolution Video Card NuBus
Apple Macintosh II Monochrome Video Card NuBus
Apple Macintosh II Portrait Video Card NuBus
Apple Macintosh II Video Card NuBus
Apple Macintosh Two-Page Monochrome Video Card NuBus
E-Machines The Big Picture II NuBus
E-Machines Colorlink DC/T NuBus
E-Machines Colorlink SX/t NuBus
E-Machines Colorlink SX/2 NuBus
E-Machines DoubleColor LX NuBus
E-Machines DoubleColor SX NuBus
E-Machines Futura LX NuBus
E-Machines Futura MX NuBus
E-Machines Futura SX NuBus
E-Machines Futura II LX NuBus
E-Machines Futura II SX NuBus
E-Machines Spec/24 IV NuBus
E-Machines T16 NuBus
E-Machines T19 NuBus
E-Machines Ultura LX 7" NuBus
E-Machines Ultura LX 12" NuBus
Focus L*TV Pro NuBus NuBus
MicroConversions 2124NB NuBus
NEC MultiSync 4FGE NuBus
Radius DirectColor 8 NuBus
Radius DirectColor 16 NuBus
Radius DirectColor 24 NuBus
Radius DirectColor GX NuBus
Radius GS/C NuBus
Radius GS/C-M NuBus
Radius LeMans GT NuBus
Radius PrecisionColor 8-XJ NuBus 1152×882 (8 bpp) 8 (1152×882) yes 7” and 12” [2]
Radius PrecisionColor 8-24X NuBus
Radius PrecisionColor 24XP NuBus
Radius PrecisionColor Pro 24AC NuBus
Radius PrecisionColor Pro 24X NuBus
Radius PrecisionColor Pro 24XK NuBus
Radius PrecisionColor Pro 24XP NuBus
Radius Thunder GT NuBus
Radius Thunder IV GX NuBus yes [3]
RasterOps 708+ NuBus
RasterOps 724 NuBus
RasterOps 8L NuBus
RasterOps 8S NuBus
RasterOps 8XL NuBus
RasterOps 8XLI NuBus
RasterOps 24L NuBus
RasterOps 24Mx NuBus
RasterOps 24S NuBus
RasterOps 24si NuBus
RasterOps 24Sx NuBus
RasterOps 24XLi NuBus
RasterOps 24XLTV NuBus 1280×1024 24 yes 12"
RasterOps 24MxTX NuBus
RasterOps ColorBoard 64 NuBus
RasterOps Colorboard 104 NuBus
RasterOps ColorBoard 108 NuBus
RasterOps Colorboard 108+ NuBus
RasterOps ColorBoard 208 NuBus
RasterOps ColorBoard 224 NuBus
RasterOps ColorBoard 228 NuBus
RasterOps ColorBoard 232 NuBus
RasterOps ColorBoard 264 NuBus
RasterOps ColorBoard 364 NuBus
RasterOps ColorBoard 364P NuBus
RasterOps ColorVue II NuBus
RasterOps ColorVue GS NuBus
RasterOps ColorVue GSXL NuBus
RasterOps Horizon 24 NuBus
RasterOps MediaTime NuBus
RasterOps Paintboard 8Li NuBus
RasterOps PaintBoard 24 NuBus
RasterOps PaintBoard Li NuBus
RasterOps Paintboard Lightning NuBus
RasterOps Paintboard Prism NuBus
RasterOps Paintboard Prism GT NuBus
RasterOps Paintboard Professional NuBus
RasterOps Paintboard Turbo XL NuBus
RasterOps Paintboard Turbo 7" NuBus
RasterOps Paintboard Turbo 12" NuBus
RasterOps ProColor 32 NuBus 1152×870 (24 bpp) 24 (1152×870) yes [4]
RasterOps STV 7" NuBus
RasterOps STV 12" NuBus
SuperMac Spectrum/8 NuBus
SuperMac Spectrum/8 Series II NuBus
SuperMac Spectrum/8 Series III NuBus
SuperMac Spectrum/8*24 PDQ NuBus
SuperMac Spectrum/24 Series III NuBus
SuperMac Spectrum/24 Series IV NuBus
SuperMac Spectrum/24 Series V NuBus
SuperMac Spectrum/24 PDQ NuBus
SuperMac Spectrum/24 PDQ+ NuBus
SuperMac Spectrum Power 1152 NuBus
SuperMac Thunder/24 NuBus
SuperMac Thunder II GX NuBus
Village Tronic MacPicasso 320 NuBus 1600×1200 (8 bpp) 24 (1152×870) [5]
Village Tronic MacPicasso 340 NuBus 1600×1200 (16 bpp) 24 (1152×870) yes [6]
Micron MacroColor 30 030 PDS
Micron Xceed 030 PDS
Micron Xceed 306 030 PDS
Micron Xceed Color 30 030 PDS 640×480 (8 bpp) 8 (640×480) no [7]
Micron Xceed Color 30HR 030 PDS
Radius Pivot Card SE/30 030 PDS
RasterOps ColorBoard 108+SE/30 030 PDS
RasterOps ColorBoard 264/SE30 030 PDS
RasterOps ColorBoard 708+SE/30 030 PDS
RasterOps ColorVue GS/30 030 PDS
Envisio Quick16 LC PDS
Focus L*TV Pro LC LC PDS
Focus L*TV Pro/E LC LC PDS
MicroConversions 1724PD LC PDS
Radius Color Pivot LC LC PDS
RasterOps ColorVue 8LC LC PDS
RasterOps ColorVue LC LC PDS
RasterOps ColorVue GSLC LC PDS
SuperMac Spectrum/8 LC LC PDS


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