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This is a list of typefaces created by or for Apple and its computers, as well as others prominent in Apple's visual identity.

Name Example Notes
Apple Garamond used in marketing and promotion, and literature (including user manuals) from 1984 up until c. 2005
Short-lived system font introduced in Mac OS 8; final usage in Mac OS 9.2.2
Used in versions of System Software from the original release through to 7.6.1
Espy Sans used on the Newton (including its optional keyboard)
Geneva Default Finder font used in all versions of Macintosh System Software from the original release through to 9.2.2
Los Angeles
Motter Tektura Used by Apple in their corporate logo from 1977 'til c. 1983; the font was also used on the Apple ][ series of machines
New York
San Francisco
Shaston 8

Used in the Apple IIgs Finder

Univers Used on most Apple keyboards from mid-1980s to mid-2000s

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