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|[[List of printers|Printers]]
|[[List of printers|Printers]]
|[[List of scanners|Scanners]]
|[[List of scanners|Scanners]]

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This is a list of scanners that were designed for, or can easily be used with, 68k or early PowerPC Macintoshes.

Just make sure you have plenty of patience, and plenty of disk space! :D

Manufacturer Model Resolution (True) Resolution (Interpolated) Colour Depth Interface Notes
Thunderware Thunderscan  ? 5 bpp, 32 greys RS-422
Apple Apple Scanner 300dpi 4 bpp, 15 greys SCSI
Apple Apple OneScanner 300dpi 8bpp, 256 greys SCSI
Apple Apple Color OneScanner 300dpi (Original)
600*300dpi (600/27)
600*1200dpi (1200/30)

2400dpi (600/27)
4800dpi (1200/30)
24bpp, 16 million colours (Original)
27bpp, 134 million colours (600/27)
30bpp, 1 billion colours (1200/30)
SCSI (Original)
SCSI II (600/27)
SCSI II (1200/30)
Relisys Scorpio II S3 (VM3564)  ? 9600dpi  ? SCSI II