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|[[Upgrades/By_Machine|By Machine]]
|[[Upgrades/List_of_processor_cards|List of processor cards]]
|[[Upgrades/List_of_video_cards|List of video cards]]
|[[Upgrades/List_of_network_interface_cards|List of network interface cards]]
|[[Upgrades/Drive_controllers|Drive controllers]]
|[[Upgrades/List_of_expansion_cards|List of expansion cards]]
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Manufacturer Model Interface Formfactor Notes
3Com EtherLink/NB NuBus AUI/BNC
Apple Apple Ethernet NB (AAUI) NuBus AAUI
Asante MacCon NB NuBus AAUI/10Base-T
Asante MacCon+ NB NuBus BNC/AAUI/10Base-T
Avatar MacMainframe II NuBus BNC
Dayna DaynaPORT E/II NuBus AUI/BNC
Dayna DaynaPORT E/II-3 NuBus AUI/BNC/10Base-T
Dayna DaynaPORT E/II-T NuBus 10Base-T/AUI
Macsense E430 (NuBus) NuBus BNC/10Base-T
NuvoTech NuvoLink II NuBus AUI/BNC
API Engineering EtherRun LC LC PDS 10Base-T
Apple Apple Ethernet LC (AAUI) LC PDS AAUI
Apple Apple Ethernet LC (RJ-45) LC PDS 10Base-T
Asante MacCon LC LC PDS 10Base-T
Asante MacCon+ LC LC PDS 10Base-T/BNC
Dayna DaynaPORT E/LC LC PDS 10Base-T
Dayna DaynaPORT E/LC-M LC PDS 10Base-T
Dayna DaynaPORT E/LC-T LC PDS 10Base-T
Farallon Combo LC LC PDS 10Base-T/BNC
Farallon EtherMac LC LC PDS 10Base-T or BNC
Farallon EtherWave LC LC PDS 10Base-T x2 (for daisy-chaining)
Macsense E430 (LC PDS) LC PDS BNC/10Base-T
Apple Apple Ethernet CS Comm Slot 10Base-T

Token Ring

Manufacturer Model Interface Notes
Apple Token Ring 4/16 NB NuBus