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A list of keyboard shortcuts present in the Mac OS.

Special characters not on keyboards

All special characters can be typed using Option+key or Shift+Option+key. In some cases (like accents) the following character is modified rather than typing a character immediately.

Key Function Notes
⌥A å
⌥C ç
⌥E ’ modifier Sharp accent over following character: áćéíĺńóŕśúýź
⌥I ? modifier Circumflex over following character: âĉêĝĥîĵôŝûŵŷ
⌥N ~ modifier Tilde over following character: ãẽĩñõũỹ
⌥U ? modifier Umlaut over following character: äëïöüÿ
⌥` ` modifier Grave accent over following character: àèìòù

Commands in Finder

Key Function Notes
⌘A select all

Commands common to applications

Key Function Notes
⌘S save Standard in all versions of Mac OS.

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