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Caution icon color.pngThis articles uses characters from extended Unicode ranges that may not display correctly depending on your computer's configuration.

A list of keyboard shortcuts present in the Mac OS.

Special characters not on keyboards

All special characters can be typed using Option+key or Shift+Option+key. In some cases (like accents) the following character is modified rather than typing a character immediately.

Key Function Notes
⌥A å a with ring
⇧⌥B ı dotless i
⌥C ç c with cedilla
⌥E ’ modifier Sharp accent over following character: áćéíĺńóŕśúýź
⇧⌥E Sharp accent alone
⌥G © Copyright
⌥H ˙ Overdot
⌥I ^ modifier Circumflex over following character: âĉêĝĥîĵôŝûŵŷ
⇧⌥I ^ Circumflex alone
⌥K ˚ Ring
⇧⌥K Apple symbol (only supported in Apple fonts, may not display properly here)
⌥N ~ modifier Tilde over following character: ãẽĩñõũỹ
⇧⌥N ~ Tilde alone
⌥O ø o with slash
⌥Q œ oe ligature
⌥U ¨ modifier Umlaut over following character: äëïöüÿ
⇧⌥U ¨ Umlaut alone
⇧⌥1 Fraction slash
⌥3 £ or # UK pound (US keyboards), US pound/number (UK keyboards)
⌥8 Bullet
⇧⌥8 ° Degree
⇧⌥9 · Mid dot
⌥` ` modifier Grave accent over following character: àèìòù
⇧⌥` ` Grave accent alone
⌥- En dash
⇧⌥- Em dash
⌥[ Open double quote
⇧⌥[ Close double quote
⌥] Open single quote
⇧⌥] Close single quote, or apostrophe
⌥: (That's Option-colon.) Ellipsis
⌥' æ ae ligature
⇧⌥, ¯ Macron
⇧⌥. ˇ Breve, caron (mnemonic: note similarity of ˇ to >, which is ⇧. on US keyboards)
(That's Option-space.) En space

Commands in Finder

Key Function Notes
⌘A select all

Commands common to applications

Key Function Notes
⌘S save Standard in all versions of Mac OS.

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