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This is a summary of displays compatible with 68k/early PPC Macs without additional adapters.

Manufacturer Model Resolution Type of CRT Notes
Apple Apple Color Plus 14 640×480 Shadow mask
Apple AudioVision 14 640×480 Triniton This display is unique in the way that it was the only display to utilize the HDI-45 connector and have the capability of transferring video, video capture input, audio output, audio input, and Apple Desktop Bus (ADB) through the main connector.
Apple Macintosh '12 RGB Display 512x384 Shadow mask This display was typically bundled with Macintosh LC series Macs.
Eizo L365 640x480 up to

1024x768 (native res.)

TFT flat panel This display supports multiple resolutions for analog as well as digital input. It fits well as a replacement for CRT displays. In case you have a video connector cable for the Apple 15" CRT, keep it for use with a L365.