Flash drive test results

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Results of attempts to use various flash media as drives in Macs. Other media types can be included (ie IDE on SCSI adapters, etc.)

Please copy and paste the blank line at the bottom, then enter your data above it. That way everyone will have a template they can use.

If you have a full page of test results with speeds etc, please link it, for now.


Please try to use consistent names for models of Mac, adapters, media, software etc, as this will help with table sorting.

Flash type Brand Model Size MB DMA/ UDMA Adapter Adapter Port Mac OS Seen [1] OEM data [2] Format Formatted with [3] VM/ swap Boot Note Links Tested by
ATA_Flash PC_Card Cisco - 1000 - - - Cardbus [4] PB Lombard 10.2.8 Y Model:TXN,PCI1210-00 Vendor:104c Device:ac1e Y Disk Utility - N thanks coius! CiscoATAFlash Bunsen
CF Kingston Ultra 100x 1024 N Generic CF- PCMCIA Addtron PCMCIA -SCSI SCSI LC 475 8.1 Y - Y Drive Setup (OS X 10.4.11) Y Y [5] - - register
CF Kingston Ultra 100x 1024 N Generic CF- PCMCIA - PCMCIA (internal IDE) PB 1400 8.1 + 9.2.2 Y - Y Drive Setup (OS X 10.4.11) Y Y [6] - register
CF Kingston - 128 N Generic CF-IDE 2.5" - internal IDE PB 1400 - Y - Y Drive Setup (OS X 10.4.11) Y N [7] - register
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -


  1. In device table, SCSI Probe, System Profiler, Drive Setup, on desktop - anywhere really
  2. As shown in Apple System Profiler or other hardware diagnostic
  3. unless shown, version matches OS
  4. Will try in a 16 bit slot and see if it helps (ie in a 1400)
  5. VM works, but I do not use it
  6. To prevent auto eject of the PCMCIA card on shutdown/restart install Mac OS 8.1 directly onto the CF card, without driver update. Copy desired System version to the card, later.
  7. VM works, but drive is not cold bootable as it is not recognised by ROM driver