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Another one of Susan Kare's contributions to the Macintosh, Cairo was the first ever dingbat font to be released for the platform. It was only released as an 18-point bitmap and was removed in System 7.5.[1]. Cairo is best known for introducing the—now legendary—dogcow. Clark Riley recreated a Postscript Type 1 version of this typeface in 1992, which was converted to TrueType in 1994.[2] Haley Fiege independently created a TrueType version that is faithful to the pixelated nature of the original bitmap font.[3] Christ Trek Fonts used Riley's version and added encodings for the symbols as mapped below.[4]


Name Creator Format Sample
Cairo Clark Riley TrueType ABCD EFGH IJKLMN OPQRST UVWXYZ abcd efgh ijklmn opqrst uvwxyz
Cairo TT Haley Fiege TrueType ABCD EFGH IJKLMN OPQRST UVWXYZ abcd efgh ijklmn opqrst uvwxyz


As of Unicode 6.0, many (but not all) of the symbols contained in Cairo can tentatively be mapped to encoded characters. By Unicode 10.0, more are available, but still not all.

Character Cairo (if installed) Symbol UCS Glyph (default typeface) UCS Codepoint UCS Name Notes
 !  ! ice cream cone 🍦 1F366 SOFT ICE CREAM
" " fish 🐟 1F41F FISH
# # leaf 🍂 1F342 FALLEN LEAF
$ $ pear 🍐 1F350 PEAR
 %  % house 🏠 1F3E0 HOUSE BUILDING
& & treble clef 𝄞 1D11E MUSICAL SYMBOL G CLEF
' ' die 🎲 1F3B2 GAME DIE
( ( sparkle? 2747 SPARKLE
) ) rose 🌹 1F339 ROSE
* * cactus 🌵 1F335 CACTUS
+ + up arrow ↑ ⬆ 2191 and 2B06 UPWARDS ARROW and UPWARDS BLACK ARROW
, , end of musical staff 𝄂 1D102 MUSICAL SYMBOL FINAL BARLINE
- - right arrow → ➡ 2192 and 27A1 RIGHTWARDS ARROW and BLACK RIGHTWARDS ARROW
. . musical staff 𝄚 1D11A MUSICAL SYMBOL FIVE-LINE STAFF
/ / push pin 📌 1F4CC PUSHPIN
0 0 low corner thingy
1 1 palm tree 🌴 1F334 PALM TREE
2 2 eye 👁 1F441 EYE
3 3 chair 🪑 💺 1FA91 and 1F4BA CHAIR and SEAT
4 4 bottle 🍶 1F376 SAKE BOTTLE AND CUP
5 5 piece of pie or cake 🍰 1F370 SHORTCAKE
6 6 stemmed glass 🍷 1F377 WINE GLASS
7 7 moon facing right 🌜 1F31C LAST QUARTER MOON WITH FACE
8 8 star 2606 WHITE STAR
9 9 knot fragment / decorative horiz. border
 :  : pineapple 🍍 1F34D PINEAPPLE
 ;  ; picket fence
< < watch 231A WATCH
= = left arrow ← ⬅ 2190 and 2B05 LEFTWARDS ARROW and LEFTWARDS BLACK ARROW
> > ribbon in a bow 🎀 1F380 RIBBON
 ?  ? light bulb 💡 1F4A1 ELECTRIC LIGHT BULB
A A quarter note 2669 QUARTER NOTE
B B strawberry 🍓 1F353 STRAWBERRY
C C grapes 🍇 1F347 GRAPES
D D television 📺 1F4FA TELEVISION
E E tall building 🏢 1F3E2 OFFICE BUILDING indeterminate symbol, arbitrary UCS mapping
F F flat rail car
G G box rail car
H H passenger rail car 🚃 1F683 RAILWAY CAR
I I 3 wavy lines / decorative horiz. border
J J train engine 🚂 1F682 STEAM LOCOMOTIVE
K K crab 🦀 1F980 CRAB
L L pine tree 🌲 1F332 EVERGREEN TREE
M M right footprint 👣 1F463 FOOTPRINTS unlikely
N N left footprint 👣 1F463 FOOTPRINTS unlikely
O O Egyptian eye symbol 𓂀 13080 EGYPTIAN HIEROGLYPH D010 wrong script property
P P knife 🗡 1F5E1 DAGGER KNIFE
Q Q tall building 🏨 1F3E8 HOTEL indeterminate symbol, arbitrary UCS mapping
R R tall building 🏦 1F3E6 BANK indeterminate symbol, arbitrary UCS mapping
S S envelope 2709 ENVELOPE
T T tall building 🏥 1F3E5 HOSPITAL indeterminate symbol, arbitrary UCS mapping
U U Egyptian bird symbol 𓄿 1313F EGYPTIAN HIEROGLYPH G001 wrong script property
V V ankh 2625 ANKH
W W multi-story building 🏬 1F3EC DEPARTMENT STORE indeterminate symbol, arbitrary UCS mapping
X X flower 🌼 1F33C BLOSSOM
Y Y flower 🌷 1F337 TULIP
Z Z flower 2698 FLOWER
[ [ down arrow ↓ ⬇ 2193 and 2B07 DOWNWARDS ARROW and DOWNWARDS BLACK ARROW
\ \ cup and saucer 2615 HOT BEVERAGE
] ] dinosaur 🦕 1F995 SAUROPOD
^ ^ tree 🌳 1F333 DECIDUOUS TREE
_ _ suitcase 💼 1F4BC BRIEFCASE
` ` fried egg(?) 🥚 1F95A EGG
a a pencil 270E LOWER RIGHT PENCIL
b b eyeglasses 👓 1F453 EYEGLASSES
c c frog 🐸 1F438 FROG FACE
d d ant 🐜 1F41C ANT
e e turtle 🐢 1F422 TURTLE
f f key 🔑🗝 1F511 and 1F5DD KEY and OLD KEY
g g ringed planet / Saturn 🪐 1FA90 RINGED PLANET
i i paintbrush 🖌 1F58C LOWER LEFT PAINTBRUSH
j j spray can
k k pistol 🔫 1F52B PISTOL
l l freight truck 🚚🚛 1F69A and 1F69B DELIVERY TRUCK and ARTICULATED LORRY
m m baby face 👶 1F476 BABY
n n man profile 👨 1F468 MAN
o o woman profile 👩 1F469 WOMAN
q q
r r electrical ground(?) 23DA EARTH GROUND
s s zigzag / decorative horiz. border 3030 WAVY DASH
t t anchor 2693 ANCHOR
u u firecracker 🎆 1F386 FIREWORKS
v v mitten 🧤 1F9E4 GLOVES
w w shamrock 2618 SHAMROCK
x x heavy plus sign ✚ ➕ 271A and 2795 HEAVY GREEK CROSS and HEAVY PLUS SIGN
y y adhesive bandage 🩹 1FA79 ADHESIVE BANDAGE
z z dogcow 🐕 🐄 1F415 and 1F404 DOG and COW
{ { bell 🔔 1F514 BELL
| match
} } machine gun 🥆 1F946 RIFLE
~ ~ bird (duck?) 🐦 1F426 BIRD
&#x007f; lemon 🍋 1F34B LEMON
Ä Ä baseball 26BE BASEBALL
Å Å car 🚗 1F697 AUTOMOBILE
vertical line 2758 LIGHT VERTICAL BAR not sure if this is in the font[5]


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  5. From Clark Riley's README: “I also added a character so that you can close the picket fence.” That's probably what this is.
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