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The AudioVision 14 Diplay, introduced in August 1993, was Apple's first "multimedia" display, featuring not only a 14" Trinitron tube, but a built-in set of speakers, microphone, [[ADB]] hub, as well as a power port useful for the Apple Quicktime Conferencing Cam 100. Initially, all buyers of AudioVision monitors also had to buy the adaptor to use it on standard macs, although the Power Macintosh 6100, 7100 and 8100 computers had HDI45 ports on the motherboard.
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The AudioVision 14 Display is a fixed-sync monitor that displays at a [[resolution]] of 640×480 with a refresh rate of 67Hz.
In 2000, Apple reintroduced a similar display cabling technology, ADC, which carried power for the display, a digital video signal, and USB over one cable from the computer to the display.

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