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Released in 1998 for use with Power Macintosh G3 computers, the Apple Studio Display was one of the first monitors that hinted at an eventual transition to mostly LCD displays. The original M4551A Studio Display had an ADB connection along with a DB-15 Mac video input, and analogue video input.

The M4551B was sold in 1999 together with the Blue and White Power Mac G3s. It had an HD15 VGA port and shared the M4551A's analogue video input.

The last of the family was the Graphite 15" Studio Display (M7613) with a DVI input. It lacks the earlier model's video input, and has a dual port USB 1.1 hub instead.

All three revisions originally shipped with a height-adjustable desktop stand that featured nubs on which to rest the keyboard for storage, as well as cable management aids. Also included was a "picture frame" stand that allowed the VDU (Visual Display Unit) to be moved and used as a mobile display for presentations.