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Each person visiting the 68kMLA Forum can have two accounts. The first is a normal forum account, and will be used for normal community participation. The second is a vendor account, which may be used for high volume and commercial selling of products and services.

This policy/guideline may be updated, so please check back.

Vendor Accounts

Vendor accounts are only able to post in the Trading Post and in the Trading Feedback sections. These accounts may only participate in one thread at a time. They may either post in one member's WTB thread at a time, or maintain their own for sale thread, and contact other members by PM.

In order to associate visibility, please put your alternate account name in your signature.

There is no special naming policy for vendor accounts, they will be visible because there is a special policy that changes their rank and title. You can choose to relate your vendor account name to your personal account name. If your user name was *Cory5412*, you might use the account name *Cory5412_Vend*.

Providing Feedback

We have a new subform called Trade Feedback. All site members may post to this subforum. There will be one thread per person. Please search before posting.

For each post in the thread, please provide a very brief description of your transaction, the date, and general feedback.