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For those that are new to this, IRC is a service that can be used to chat with other people in real time. IRC networks are organised in to "channels" and anything you type will be sent to every other person in the channel. The 68kMLA's channel is called (imaginatively) #68kmla and is part of the oshaberi IRC network. Please be aware that the pace of conversation in the channel can be pretty fast at times, especially when lots of people are online. It's good etiquette to join in with the current conversation and wait for a lull before changing the topic. At other times, while it may appear that there are lots of people on you might not get a reply for some time – since many people leave the channel open in the background. Please be patient and stick around, someone will reply eventually.

Connection details

The rules

  1. We're run a family-friendly channel. There is very little tolerance of coarse language, obscenity, discussions of illicit drug use, underage drinking, etc. We're here to talk about computers and there are plenty of other channels on oshaberi for discussion of other things. "Family-friendly" is at the discretion of the operators in the channel, who have the ability to kick and ban people who insist upon causing problems.
  2. Please show common courtesy to other users. Personal attacks on others will not be tolerated and may result in a kick or a ban from the channel.
  3. We don't really love 1337sp33k and "LOL" gets annoying fast. So, please use proper spelling and grammar. No "u" instead of "you", "ur" instead "your", etc. Also, learn the meanings of "there", "their" and "they're" – these are not interchangeable.
  4. No bots are allowed in the channel.
  5. Keep use of the /sysinfo (and other similar scripts) to an absolute minimum.
  6. If it can wait, it may be better to ask any highly technical questions on the forum. If we can't answer your question in the IRC channel, it doesn't mean it's not answerable!

Please note, these rules are only a guideline and may change at any point.

Please also note that the 68kMLA Forum Rules also apply to the IRC channel.