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I just liberated a Mac (MacScuzzy – 22nd August 2001): The very first thread in the MAF to use the term "liberated" as rescuing an older Mac (in this case, a Mac Classic) from an unloving environment into one that is loving and will make good use of the machine. It is this thread from which 68kMLA doctrine is based.

I liberated a mac too! (kinda) (FireWire is fast – 24th August 2001): This thread announced the liberation of a Color Classic in the same style of MacScuzzy's thread (background->liberation->system boot). MacScuzzy, after seeing that somebody else had "liberated" a mac, announced jokingly "Yes! Score! We should make a Mac army and go around liberating poor old 68k Macs." Little did he know, MacScuzzy's comment practically founded the 68K Macintosh Liberation Army. Two posts later, Erik Stiegler apparently thought we were serious and started his post with "68k Liberation Army" and told of his liberation of a Macintosh Portable. Eventually, people took to the "68k Macintosh Liberation Army" and started to adjust their signatures accordingly.

What counts as *Liberated*?? (marchie – 26 August 2001): In this thread, the term "liberation" is defined by MacScuzzy as "Seeing an old, abandoned 68k Mac and nabbing it, or paying for it, IE Liberating it, then try to bring it back to life...". This was crucial to outside enlistment because it explictily defined liberation – which is very important for somebody wishing to join the 68k Macintosh Liberation Army.

68k Macintosh Liberation Army is Here (LeeMac – 26 August 2001): It was in this thread that 68kMLA "soldiers" congregated and started forming ideas for the group. Here, FireWire is fast proposes and creates both a logo and prototypes for an official 68kMLA website.

Mac Liberation Army Pt. II (Am – 2nd September 2001): After wildly locking every 68kMLA-related thread (except for "I liberated a mac too! [kinda]"), Am created this thread. What was meant to be a place to continue our "plan of attack" just turned out to be random people posting about the Macs that they have liberated and other related chatter. Interesting.