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What is the 68k Macintosh Liberation Army and what does it do?

This is answered in the 68kMLA Mission Statement. Don't you follow directions well?

What exactly does "68k" mean?

The term "68k" refers a class of Motorola processors which appeared in every Macintosh computer before coming completely overshadowed by the PowerPC chip in the mid-nineties. These include the 68000, 68020, 68030, 68040, and, referred to in a group as "680x0". The last Macintoshes to feature a 68k processor were the PowerBook 190 and 190cs, which were discontinued in 1996.

Why 68k? Isn't the PowerPC processor faster and better?

Among other things, 680x0 series Macs are unique in their sense of old-schoolness, exclusive in their value, and are widely available for liberation. Also the act of finding software for 68ks is part of the fun, since PowerPC software isn't backwards compatible with 68ks (unless, of course, it is in "fat" code).

So, do you guys hate PPCs or something?

Not at all. In fact, we even have forum categories to discuss PPC machines. However, we do try and specialise in older and more obscure machines, as there are fewer forums out there to cater for them.

When was the 68k Macintosh Liberation Army formed?

Technically, the 68k Macintosh Liberation Army was formed when MacScuzzy said "Yes! Score! We should make a Mac army and go around liberating poor old 68k Macs!" in response to a thread proclaiming the liberation of a Color Classic (FireWire is fast - 8.24.01). However, back then, it was just a bunch of people in the "Vintage Macs" section of the MacAddict forums changing their signatures and talking about saving old Macs. The 68kMLA officially became an organized group when the 68kMLA Forums opened on November 4, 2001. The 68kMLA Forums moved to their current home on December 30, 2003. On the 5th April 2007 we suffered a massive data loss, and due to this the forums were wiped and re-opened on the 1st May. We hope to have an archive of the data of (most of) 2003-2007 online as soon as possible.

What about the 68k Macintosh Liberation Army forums?

Well check them out and decide for yourself!

Why do you need your own forums? Are you too good for the MacAddict forums?

"Am", the moderator of "Vintage Macs" asked us to move our 68kMLA discussions, being not a group affiliated with MacAddict.

Fantastic! Now how do I join?

First you need to register an account on the forums. Then, the standard practice is to mozy on down to the "General 68kMLA News and Stuff" section of the forums and introduce yourself and your liberated Macs. After which, it is customary to add a few lines in your signature stating rank, and number of Macs liberated (optional). Note: titles such as "General" or "Fleet Commander" are only conferred upon enduring and valued members for long and faithful service.

Do I have to collect piles of Macs?

No, if fact you only have to be interested in Macs to join, as long as you recognize the value of old Macs and liberate them, should the chance arise, without giving a second thought. Of course, people are impressed by those who have war and liberation stories...