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Note icon color.pngWikipedia has more information about VMac.

vMac is an open source Macintosh emulator for the Macintosh, Windows, BeOS, NeXT, Linux / Unix, and other platforms. vMac emulates a Macintosh Plus and can run Apple Macintosh System versions 1.1 to 7.5.5. vMac supports 68000 CPU emulation, display output, sound, floppy disk insert, HFV image files, and more. Some ports include extra features such as CD-ROM support, basic serial port (SCC) support, Gemulator ROM board support, and various performance improvements. Although the website is still in operation, most vMac development slowed down to a halt in 1999, and no official releases have been made since. Many of the developer e-mail addresses listed on the website are not working or current.

vMac has been superseded by a spinoff, Mini vMac, which is maintained and developed by Paul C. Pratt.

vMac requires a Macintosh Plus ROM file and Macintosh system software to work. Macintosh ROM files are owned by Apple and cannot be legally distributed. However, the Windows and Unix ports support the Gemulator ROM board from Emulators Inc., which allows users to add genuine MacPlus ROM chips to their x86 machine via an ISA expansion slot. This board can also support ROM chips from other early Macintosh systems, but the publicly released versions of vMac only supported MacPlus. Macintosh system software is available from Apple's Support Downloads Website (see External links below).

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