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About me...
Mac OS X logo 10.3.png Apple user since 2004
Love in 6 colors.png
I ❤ my Quadra800!
Mac OS X logo 10.5.png Proud Mac OS X user!
Happy Mac color.png Proud System 7 user!
BackwardsDogcow287.png [MOOF.]
Sad Mac Has non-booting Macs in his collection.

My first mac? Powerbook 520c in 2004. The second was an iMac Bondi. Then the ammount exploded, and my office is full of macs.

Active Computers: Macbook Santa Rosa Late 2007,2gb DDR II,120gb Fujitsu,OS X 10.5.6 Macintosh Quadra 800,40mb RAM,RasterOPS 24XLTV Video, 1gb HD, Mac OS 7.6 Powerbook 540c,36mb RAM,400mb HD,Mac OS 7.6 Sometimes Used: PowerMac G4 QS, 1gb RAM, Stock Video, USB 2,80gb Seagate Powerbook 170, 8mb RAM,80mb HD, Working Battery!!! and System 7.1 Power Macintosh 7100/G4,128mb RAM,400mb HD, Mac OS 7.6 Power Macintosh 7200/G3,54mb RAM,1gb HD,ATi Rage TV, Mac OS 9 Macintosh Classic II In Collection: 2x Powerbook 180 (Bad HD) 2x Powerbook 150 (Untested) 3x Powerbook 500 Series (All Good) 4x Powerbook 5300 (Untested. :() Power Macintosh G3 B&W 512mb RAM,20gb HD, OS X 10.2 Macintosh Classic II Power Macintosh 6100/G3 No OS,No HD,52mb RAM.

Dead :( : Macintosh IIci Macintosh IIvx Quadra 630 (It disintegrated. Brittle.)

Printers: Personal Laserwriter NTR