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My Background

I am a longtime Apple Computer user who dates back to the late 1980s. I've seen it all--the release of System 7, the controversial PowerBook 5300s, the near death and sudden turn around of the company, the colorful translucent product revolution caused by the iMac G3, and the maturation of a new breed of OS in Mac OS X.

While I have kept up with modern times and use a MacBook with Leopard for my everyday tasks, I have not forgotten the past. In addition to my MacBook and my old tangerine iBook G3, I keep a Mac Plus on my desk at all times! In fact, I still use it for desktop publishing!

My specialties in the world of vintage Macs are black and white CRTs, floppy disk drives, and educational software programs. I have also rebuilt and restored many Macs and specialize in the SE, Classic, LC, and II series.

Besides the three Macs on my desk, I have three Classics set up and ready to use. I also have several collectable Macs in my closet, most of which are in original boxes. My personal favorites are my Mac LC from my youth (and its matching 12" monitor) and my in-box Lisa 2.

When I'm not using or writing about my Macs, chances are I'm swimming or working out.