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Apple logo 70s retro green icon.png Apple user since 1983

My first contact to an Apple computer was back in 1983. Short time before my introduction to Apple I typed my first lines of code into a Rockwell AIM 65. But what a difference was the Apple! It came with the same type of microcontroller, but with a screen allowing to look at several lines of code at the same time, with an easy to learn BASIC dialect and, best of all, with a great tutorial and reference book. After some years, when I was able to afford my first own computer, I remembered the Apple experience and decided to buy a Macintosh. This decision pays till today.

While I have access to most recent hardware and software on my job, I still keep some old computers alive. This is because I want to keep some useful knowledge alive. Some tasks you can do with a 1988 machine could not be done any better with the most recent gear. I still program HyperCard to interface motion controllers in the laboratory. But I admit, I like my MacMini with Leopard and most speedy MBA running Sierra, as well. Some work is a lot more convenient on a new machine. My vintage Mac collection starts with my first own Mac, a PowerBook 180, still working, includes different Macs from LC to Quadra and early PowerMacs, and might not be finished with the WGS 9150 I liberated a while ago - I tend to focus on PowerBooks, as they do not use too much space :)