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Model:Quadra 840AV
CPU: 40 MHz
RAM:128 MiB
OS:NetBSD 4.0
HD:9 GB, 2 GB
sold:July 2009

My interest in Unix led me to NetBSD as a way to keep my 68k Macs in service, as the default install is much leaner than Linux. NetBSD was the first free Unix to run on 68k Macs, and at the time the support for various models/features was better. (That may still be the case but I am not sure.)

After tinkering with woodstock for some time, it was clear I needed something a little beefier if I wanted to compile much software for mac68k. I tracked down a couple Q840s and pieced together a working unit with decent specs. Then I realized that support for the SCSI used in AV Macs is one of the things that NetBSD is weak on. Disk access is a bottleneck to anything I do—it would almost be faster to mount partitions remotely from the network. Compiling is faster than it was on woodstock, but when I later tried building on shermy I was almost shocked at how much quicker the status lines scrolled by despite its much slower processor. Still, it has a large drive bay that I can squeeze two ⅓-height drives into, and a Zip and fast CD-ROM.

Schroeder is my "main NetBSD box" for most things. Since it has the large disks, I keep pkgsrc updated here and try to build packages that would be of use to other NetBSD/mac68k users, that don't get built (for whatever reason) by NetBSD itself. I make them available on my site.