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Model:Apple Network Server 500
CPU: 200 Mhz PowerPC 604
RAM:96 MiB
OS:AIX 4.1.4
Acquired:May 2008

I acquired this after seeing a local CraigsList posting. It's rare to see "unusual"/interesting vintage Apple stuff turn up in the Midwest, so I was pretty excited and for only $25, I jumped on it. This beastie has the 200 MHz processor upgrade, so it's almost as good as the ANS 700. (I have the original 132 MHz board as well.) It also has a 100bT RJ45 NIC (fast, and no need for an AAUI adapter dongle!) and RAID card. The CD-ROM is a 2×—stock, I believe. It has four HDs but I haven't verified them all yet.