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Model:Sun Ultra 5
CPU: 333 Mhz UltraSPARC IIi
RAM:256 MiB
OS:Solaris 10
Acquired:June 2007

My first Sun box, a freebie from a fellow LUG member that had rescued it but had no use for it. It has a very cool SunPCi card (essentially a "PC-on-a-card" with a 400 MHz AMD K6 processor) installed, which unfortunately doesn't seem to be usable under Solaris 10. These were Sun's solution to providing MS compatibility. It also has a SCSI card which is unused at this time.

Fortunately for me, Solaris has been a free download for awhile now. While Solaris for x86 boxes exists, having some boring x86 machine around just to run Solaris does not interest me. Running Solaris on real Sun hardware, OTOH, is cool.