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Model:Color Classic
CPU: 16 MHz 68030
RAM:10 MiB
OS:NetBSD 2.1
HD:230 MB

I acquired harriet some time after a Craigslist post that I'd forgotten about. A fellow emailed to ask if I was still interested in old Macs. He had a CC, so I said yes. He was going to be in my area, so offered to bring it to my house! A very nice young-ish guy wearing bib overalls dropped it off.

Setting her up

Along with the machine, I also got the original CC system floppies in good condition and working order, as well as disk tool floppies for 7.6. Because I was planning to make her a NetBSD box, I used the latter to partition 12MB Mac, 32MB for swap, and the rest for Unix. I installed System 7.1 (system for CC, plus min systems for any Mac and Quadras, just in case I'd move the drive to other machines I have), and then using my 7.6 CD did a custom install of just the CD-ROM extension (so I could drive other external CD-ROM drives I might use). This last step was also important because the NetBSD CDs weren't recognized without it—fortunately the 7.6 CD was, at least!

Once the Mac OS was working, it was time to install NetBSD. The latest version I had on CD was 2.1, but upgrading to 5.1 later shouldn't be too hard, and I didn't have access to burn another CD at the time. The CD has self-extracting archives of the Mac-side tools needed: installer and booter. (I didn't think to boot using a sysinst kernel, but did a traditional install.) I only installed the base, kernel, and etc sets, as I planned to immediately upgrade, and the installer app is very slow especially at 16 MHz. Other than the battery being dead (meaning I have to set 32-bit mode in the Memory control panel after every time she's powered off) there were no problems so far, so I launched Booter, checked single-user, and did the minimal configuration needed to get the system up. Oddly, the Farallon EtherWave card displays six interfaces (ae0-5) when booting (nubus0 slots 9-e, all with the same address), so I had to look up how to get it to stop throwing errors about the other interfaces I wasn't going to use.