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CPU: 33 MHz Motorola MC68040
RAM:36 MiB
OS:NetBSD 4.0
Acquired:January 2006
Idle:December 2007

Ever since my first foray into mac68k Unix, I wanted a small machine that I could demo how (geekishly) cool running Unix on a Mac actually is. The SE/30 turned out to be somewhat impractical for that (very slow, and no color), but it was still kind of a nice benchmark, being the slowest Mac that can run a Unix.†

So I needed something better, and read about the possibility of upgrading the CC to an '040. That kind of hot-rodding appealed to me, too. (I'm not generally one to go into case modding or overclocking.) It would be everything I was looking for: "classic" (small all-in-one) Mac, transportable (for demos), color (to make demos interesting), and fast (for 68k anyway) especially since I could update it with a full '040 from a Quadra 840AV that I'd raided for schroeder. I found a 575 motherboard online cheap, and about 6 months later picked up a beautiful free (!) CC from a local(!) guy.

Most of the time it sits in my cube at work running a screensaver. It's kind of a neat art/discussion piece that way. Theoretically I could use it as an X terminal, but with such a small screen, I never do that. Even if I did the hack for 640×480 it would still be pretty small.

The hard drive went bad so it no longer boots. If I get time I'll have to replace it.

† OK, I know it's not the slowest. There are other, less expandable Macs with a 16 MHz '030 that are somehow crippled and will be slower. (There's also the Macintosh II with an '020, but I don't have the room for that.) But it's still a 16 MHz '030.