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Bob Dodge
Model:Centris 650
RAM:24 MiB
OS:System 7.1
HD:230 MB
Acquired:Fall 1993
Scrapped:Summer 2003

Bob Dodge was the first computer I ever owned. After living on a Mac-centric college campus for two years, I knew that when it came time to buy my own computer, it would be a Mac. So when I finally saved enough money, I bought this baby. I hauled it back and forth every break I could—a laptop system would have been really nice in those days! Two or three years later I added another 16 MiB of RAM, but other than that it stayed stock throughout its life.

I learned how to program, and System 7 on a Centris was a bad platform for Java. So upon upgrading to a G3 in 1998, Bob was loaned to my sister. (I don't think she cared much for the "hassle" of being a Mac owner in the late '90s, though.) A couple years went by and Bob developed some kind of problem (which I couldn't diagnose from 200 miles away) so he went to a shop. And since she was broke, he stayed there...for so long that the techs thought he'd been abandoned, and started scavenging parts. When she eventually did reclaim him, they got him back to original specs (and actually installed a faster CD-ROM) but he was in sorry shape. When we moved, he was culled from my collection after saving his name badge as a souvenir. A sad end for what had been a very faithful machine.


Long before I ever imagined I'd own more than one computer at a time and therefore hadn't come up with a name system, I gave Bob his moniker after a high school joke a good friend had started. A hundred attaboy! points to the first person that correctly identifies the source of the name. An additional hundred waytago! points if you don't know anybody from my high school.