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This is my user page. There are many like it, but this one is mine.

You probably just want a quick link to my User:Anonymous_Freak/Machines page...

I'm a mid '30s geek that lives in Portland, Oregon, with my wife, daughter, step-son, and dog. I own a house with a basement, which is where most of my collection lives.

My Apple "life history"

I started off by being one of the "chosen few" to be allowed to have computer time in elementary school. We had four Apple II+ systems in the library, and all I can remember doing on them was LOGO turtle graphics. Later, moved on to the early Apple II games like Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego. In middle school, there was a lab of Apple IIe systems, and there were a couple compact Macs scattered around, but I never used them. From the timing, they were likely Pluses. In high school, I used dual-floppy SE's in drafting class, and also used the computer lab, which was 25 networked SEs, with an SE/30 network controller/file & print server, and a IIci as the 'deluxe' machine. Needless to say, I joined the computer club. Later got access to Quadras when they first came out because I was on Yearbook staff (yearbook got one Q700 and one Q900.)

After graduation, I became mostly a PC-head. (My dad had bought a very early IBM PC clone in 1986, and by the time I was leaving high school, I had a 486/66 that I had upgraded multiple times.) While I was in college, my dad won a $3000 MacMall 'shopping spree'. He bought a PowerBook 1400cs/117, floppy-only, and a RAM upgrade. He then passed down to me his older 5300c -- which technically belonged to his work; but this was late 1997, and his work wouldn't miss it because he was going to keep it until it was discarded anyway. (We already had an IBM PC/XT, Compaq Portable II, and IBM PS/2 P70 that his work had 'thrown away', so he brought them home. Yup, in the early '90s, my house already had four computers.) This brought be back to the Mac, sort of. It replaced my old decrepit 386 notebook, so I readily used it.

Then after college, I moved in with a friend who had an old SE that he was messing around with as a server. This re-sparked my nostalgia, and my collection started. I bought an SE/30 for $5 from Goodwill, and it took off from there. (The friend gave me the SE years later, after it had been sitting in his closet unused for a long time.) Up until 2003, my main computers were still PCs. I had a Sony PictureBook as my portable, and a highish-end PC as my desktop. I installed OS X 10.1 on my beige G3 (the only machine I owned at the time capable of OS X,) in 2002, and in mid 2003, decided to take the plunge. I sold my Sony (at the time, it was four years old, and I sold it for about 25% what I paid for it. Amazing value retention for a PC, especially such a low-end one!) plus my main PC, and my dual-Xeon server; then traded in (to PowerMax) my beige G3, and two iMacs to scrounge up exactly enough money to buy the lowest-spec PowerBook G4 (12", 867 MHz, Combo drive,) even then, it was refurbished. I had traded in and/or sold the six fastest machines in my house for this. And the processor was slower than what was in two of the departed machines (the dual Xeon and the desktop PC.) But I was committed to OS X. It was my first new Mac ever. Since then, I have purchased brand new an eMac (for my home office, technically paid for by my small business,) and a MacBook Pro. (I have also purchased four brand-new HP computers in the same time period, though. But three were for my company.)

And if you read all that, PM me on the forum, and I'll send you a prize.  :-P

My current MacStatus

Here's a long-form description of my current main machines:

My main machine, up until a month ago, had been my MacBook Pro (Early 2006,) 2.0 GHz Intel Core Duo, 2 GB RAM, 320GB 7200 RPM hard drive (had a CTO-from-Apple 100 GB 7200 RPM drive that died in Jan 2010 originally.) Since making my Hackintosh work, this has been restored to its proper status as 'primary portable'. Still sees a lot of use, but no longer slaved to an external display plus a raft of external hard drives.

My current primary is my Hackintosh. It is based on an Intel Server Board S5520HC, with dual Xeon W5580 (3.2 GHz, quad-core) CPUs. This makes it roughly equivalent to the 2009 Mac Pro. At present, it has 12 GB of RAM (12x1 GB at 1066 MHz,) a GeForce 9600GT, and a combination of SATA and SAS drives. OS X runs excellently on it, aside from the fact that OS X won't boot to the SAS drives, only SATA.

The rest of my machines are mostly in storage. I'll add and/or update the descriptions as I pull them out of storage. Look for threads offering to sell some, too. I'm streamlining to only keep "important" systems, working systems, and only one of each system. At last count, I had somewhere over 60 Macs, and 100 total vintage machines. I honestly have no idea exactly how many I have in the house at the moment. I like to joke that if my house burned down, the per capita computer ownership rate in the city of Portland would drop measurably.

For now, I have a list on my User:Anonymous_Freak/Machines page.