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Info icon color.png Alert
Welcome to Macintosh.

This is a work in progress and may change at any time. It has not been thoroughly tested.


This template is an attention-grabbing way of delivering a message. Do not overuse it.


  • position: either left or right (default is centered)
  • version: if 7 or less, the dialog will be black and white like System 7 (default is color "platinum" appearance)
  • type: must be Question, Info (default), Warning, or Error
  • title: the title of the dialog (default type, or "Dialog" if that is not given)
  • body: the main text of the dialog (default "Welcome to Macintosh.")
  • button: text of "default" button (default "OK")
  • button2: text of secondary button (not used by default)

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