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TScript is a raster image processing software (RIP) for multiple purposes involved in PostScript printing, especially on non PostScript enabled printers. TScript needs the assistance of an Apple LaserWriter driver (preferably LaserWriter 8). Therefore AppleTalk has to be active when using TScript, even when the printer in use is local attached. The software is capable to perform the following tasks:

  • Print PostScript text and graphics in best possible quality on any Printer with a Macintosh printer driver.
  • Print PostScript on several Printers without a Macintosh Printer driver using an inbuilt set of drivers (like for some HP LaserJet and other laser printers, pinwriters).
  • Print PostScript on several Printers without a Macintosh Printer driver using a HP PCL emulation. The HP PCL command set includes the HP-GL/2 protocol. This allows to output HP-GL plotter commands to drive HP PCL capable printers. If someone uses a plotter in combination with TScript or uses TScript to emulate a plotter please add information about this.
  • Access printers through additional interface hardware, like serial to parallel port converters or NuBus parallel port cards.
  • Make a local attached printer available throughout an AppleTalk network, to be accessed by the LaserWriter driver.
  • Render PostScript code to high resolution on screen display, for PostScript programming and editing.
  • Output PostScript data to high resolution bitmap files (TIFF) for further processing.

Colour or greyscale output depends on the printer's capabilities and may be set separately for performance.

Even genuine Apple Printers without an inbuilt PostScript interpreter do benefit a lot from involving TScript to the output process of any vector grahics. Output of Graphics, PostScript fonts, kerned or rotated text appears in exactly the place and shape they should, with even nicer grey and colour shading. Another common application of TScript was to enhance the output quality of ALPS thermo transfer colour printers with SCSI interface (which was the high end of desktop colour printing in 1997).

Several varieties of the software were available, such as TScript Basic, TScript and TScript Deluxe. The differences are as follows: TScript Basic comes with support of several printers as described above. TScript adds the output capability to produce high resolution bitmap files up to 600 dpi. TScript Deluxe adds the output capability to produce high resolution bitmap files up to 2400 dpi. At the time of production TScript provided the best output quality, especially when comparing colour and greyscale shading to the results of any competetive raster image processing software.

A good advice for anyone who wants to use the software is to read and follow the instructions given in the manual. Once the setup is done properly, TScript will only be visible when some confirmation dialogue appears during the print job.

Hint: With help of the software Okey Dokey it is possible to let TScript work without user interaction. This might be useful when running TScript on a separate machine as a print server.


The company does not any more support the TScript software product line. Only preowned licenses of the software are available (not from TeleType), without any support from the manufacturer. The current address of the manufacturer is: TeleType Co. Inc., 44 School Street, 10 th Floor, Boston, MA 02108

The former company name and address (when TScript was in production): TeleTypeSetting Co. Inc., 311 Harvard Street, Brookline, MA 02146

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