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Most Macintosh computers are equipped with RAM modules as main memory that can be replaced by different modules of equal physical shape. However, modules of equal shape (like 72 pin, so called PS/2 memory modules) are available in different electronic specifications (like memory size, FPM or EDO and several other more or less important minutiae). The table below shall serve as a source to identify which kind of memory module will work or not work in a given Macintosh computer. It might be useful to decide if an unknown module will work, not work or even do harm to your computer.

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Probably someone knows how to put several Macs into memory compatible categories. In case you do, you are kindly invited to create a cross reference table or tree to decide which Mac's memory will work in which Mac else. Also feel free to rearrange the table, as long it has not grown too big ;-)

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RAM module shape Type Brand Module Model Nr. Chip Model Nr. Size KB Adapter Mac Boot Seen as Note Links Tested by
72 pin double sided  ? Mitsubishi MH2M32ASDJ 3223A01 -8 M5M44400AJ 320TF 1P-8 8192 - LC 475 Y 8 MB - - register
72 pin double sided 3.3 V EDO, unbuffered, non-parity - CT32M32E4L6.M16TG MT 4LC16M4H9 131072 - LC 475 Y 128 MB [1] - register
72 pin double sided 5v EDO non-parity - 128T16E164-60KO KM44V16104CX-S 131072 - Q605 Y 128MB - - bahkyp
72 pin double sided 5v EDO non-parity - 128T16E164-60KO KM44V16104CX-S 131072 - Q650 Y 64MB - - bahkyp
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  1. If you attempt to test such large memory inside an old computer, be aware of the fact that it might take unexpectetedly long to boot the machine. If the memory module is specified correctly, wait one or two minutes after depressing the the start button. The startup procedure involves a memory count, and in case of a lot of RAM available the machine will take some time to perform this check.