Power Macintosh 7500

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Power Macintosh 7500
CPU: 100 MHz PowerPC 601
RAM Type:168-pin DIMM
Maximum RAM: 512 GB (Apple), 1 GB (Actual)
Expansion slots: PCI 3
Supported OS: System 7.5.2, OS 8, OS 9
Introduced:August 7 1995
Discontinued:April 1 1996
Full Specifications

The Power Macintosh was one the of first PCI capable Macs manufactured by Apple Computer. It was released in August 1995 along with the Power Macintosh 7200 and 8500 and was discontinued April the 1st 1996.

The 7500 featured a PowerPC 601 processor at 100 MHz, which was upgradeable via a daughter card.

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