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Macintosh System Software is the name by which, what is now called, the Mac OS was known prior to the introduction of Mac OS 7.6.1. It is often shortened to System Software, Macintosh SSW, or simply System. Although the term Mac OS was coined in System 7.5.2 — where it appeared on a new splash screen during startup — for reasons known only to them, Apple chose not apply it as the new name for System 7.5.


Unlike Mac OS, all the aforementioned terms can be applied to any version of System Software, though admittedly it is only really Mac veterans whom call Mac OS 9 and Mac OS X System 9 and System 10, respectively. SSW and System Software are still sometimes used when not referring to a specific version of System Software, whilst Macintosh System Software is an archaic term that is rarely used in the present day, if at all.

Shown below are examples of each term's correct usage (except Mac OS):

  • Macintosh System Software version 3.2
  • SSW version 6
  • System Software version 7
  • System 9
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