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Macintosh IIvi.jpg
Macintosh IIvi
Performa 600
CPU: 16 MHz Motorola MC68030
RAM Type:30-pin SIMM
Maximum RAM: 68 MiB
Expansion slots: 3 NuBus
Supported OS: System 7.1 - Mac OS 7.6.1
Introduced:October 19 1992
Discontinued:February 10 1993
Full Specifications

Only ever released outside of the US market, the Macintosh IIvi brought the Macintosh II series to a close.


The launch of the Macintosh IIvx may have looked like it marked a low point in the long running Macintosh II series but worse was yet to come in the shape of the Macintosh IIvi. Effectiely, a Mac IIvx, the IIvi not only inherited all of the problems of the old machine but managed to include some new ones all of its own.

The Mac IIvx may have been a machine that was outpaced by almost every other machine in the series (some of which were over four years old) but at least it had the decency to run its Motorola 68030 at a decent speed (internally anyway) and include a dedicated floating point unit (FPU) in the shape of the ever dependable Motorola 68882.

That the Mac IIvx had been allowed to be released in its crippled form (a 32-bit processor running at 32 MHz coupled up to a data bus running at 16 MHz) always meant that performance was going to be sluggish but the IIvi managed to be even worse. Once the Mac IIvx's CPU actually had data, it could process it relatively quickly - the IIvi couldn't even do that and it's pedestrian 16 MHz CPU just chugged along. Lacking any form of Level 2 cache (or the ability to even support it) only made the pain even worse and, by dropping the FPU, the machine was a dog from the off.

Never released into the U.S. market, the IIvi lasted a mere 5 months before Apple called it a day and killed off the Macintosh II series once and for all.

Full Specifications

  • General
    • CPU: 16 MHz Motorola MC68030
    • ROM: 1 MiB
    • Bus Speed: 16 MHz
    • Data Path: 32-bit
    • RAM Type: 30-pin SIMM (100 ns)
    • Standard RAM: 4 MiB
    • RAM Onboard: 4 MiB
    • RAM Slots: 4
    • Maximum RAM: 68 MiB
    • Cache: ½ KiB (L1) 32 KiB (L2)
  • I/O & Expansion
    • ADB: 2
    • Serial: 2
    • SCSI: 1 (DB-25)
    • Floppy Connector: 1
    • Audio Out: 8-bit stereo 22 KHz (mini-jack)
    • Built-in Speaker: Mono
    • NuBus Slots: 3
  • Storage
    • Hard Drive: 40 MiB - 400 MiB
    • Hard Drive Type: SCSI
    • Floppy Drive: 1.44 MiB SuperDrive
  • Video
    • Max Resolution: 512×384 (16-bit), 640×480 (8-bit), 640×870 (4-bit)
    • Standard VRAM: 512 KiB
    • Maximum VRAM: 1 MiB
    • Video Out: DB-15
  • Miscellaneous
    • Apple Model Number: M1350
    • Codename: Brazil 16, Lego (IIvi), Brazil 32, Macintosh IIvm (Performa 600)
    • Gestalt ID: 44
    • Power: 230W
    • PRAM Battery: 3.6V Lithium
    • Case Style: Macintosh IIvx
    • Dimensions: 13.0" x 16.5" x 6.0" (W x D x H)
    • Weight: 25 lbs.
    • Mac OS Support: System 7.1 - Mac OS 7.6.1
    • Introduced: October 19 1992
    • Introduced: February 10 1993

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