Macintosh LC 475

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Macintosh LC 475.jpg
Macintosh LC 475
CPU: 25 MHz Motorola MC68LC040
Supported OS: System 7.1 - Mac OS 8.1
Introduced:October 1993
Discontinued:October 1994
Full Specifications

The LC 475 used the 68LC040 processor, without an FPU. The processor was socketed and could easily be replaced with a "full" 68040. The case looks very similar on the outside to the LC 450 (aka LC III, Performa 450), but in addition to the processor upgrade from 68030, the motherboard was aggressively redesigned [see Apple Developer info PDF]. The one expansion slot is also an LC III type, but no longer truly PDS. The VRAM can be upgraded to 1 MiB and 1024×768 resolution is supported.

Unfortunately, the LC 475 was not without some limitations. The processor's speed is only 25 MHz, although reports claim that it can easily be overclocked to 33 and even 40 MHz. The maximum RAM in the single slot expansion was specified as 32 MiB, but 64 and 128 MiB are now commonly used (adding to the 4 MiB soldered onto the motherboard).

The power supply units (PSUs) were weaker than those found in the LC III, and were replaced often — especially when upgrading the RAM, hard drive, and Ethernet card. Even so, it was quite an efficient computer in terms of energy; almost comparable to a laptop, except that upgrading access was much easier.

It is often said that the Performa 475 and Quadra 605 are the same except for the case — the 605 had nice round feet and sat perfectly flat; however the screw for holding the lid did not sit securely at all. The 475 had one screw fastening the lid and a slight tilt to the rear, as did the 450/LC III.